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I V Infusions | Antibiotic Infusions | Amino Acid & Intensive Care Infusions PCD Pharma Franchise

Infusion Range for PCD Pharma Franchise – With the emerging market demand of Infusion Range in the pharmaceutical industry, Kritikos Care has come up with the helping hand. Infusions Range are used to injecting medication directly into a vein through a needle or catheter. It is useful to treat patients, who are critically ill and on intensive care. Such medication is used to inject the right amount of mineral, nutrition, vitamin in the body. From the business point of view, Anyone can expect the bright future in the Pharma Franchise for Infusion Range. We provide the wide range of Infusion like IV Infusions, Antibiotic Infusions, Amino Acid & Intensive Care Infusions etc. By associating with the Top Most Critical Care Pharma Company, you can establish a secured venture in this feild

Kritikos Care is a profound company, dedicated to delivering quality Intensive care medicines at reasonable prices. Since commencement, the primary aim is to increase the survival time of the individual and helps in savings the increasing death rate of the country. We have maintained GMP and WHO Verified unit at on which all the medicines are thoroughly formulated under the strict aegis of the most experienced team member. By delivering the quality medicines range, we aimed to build up the trust of our company and meets up their quality requirements.

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List of our Infusion Range at Kritikos Care

We have used the quality composition that helped us in delivering the richest quality range of medicines which has accurate composition, effectiveness, reliability and many other attributes.

DIGIMOL- The medicines are made by using the Paracetamol 100MG/100ML Infusion, which is helpful in treating short-term treatment of moderate pain, especially following surgery and treatment of fever. Such medication is used when patients are in the urgent need to treat pain or hyperthermia.

LINONEX- This medicine is formulated with the LINEZOLID 300ML. This composition is used for an adult to treat the community-acquired pneumonia and nosocomial pneumonia which is suspected to be caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria.

LINONEX TABLET- It is used as an antibiotic, used to treat certain serious bacterial infections. The medication works by stopping the growth of bacteria. Along with its benefits, the medication also increases the levels of certain natural substances in the body (such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin) which can increase the chance of certain side effects and food and drug interactions.

MIZITOL-G- The medication is made by using the MANNITOL 10GM+ GLYCERIN 10GM INFUSION. It is used for the promotional of dieresis in the prevention and treatment of the oliguric phase of acute renal failure before irreversible renal failure becomes established. Reduction of intracranial, pressure and cerebral edema, when blood-barrier is intact etc.

OFLONIR- It is thoroughly made by using the rich composition of OFLOXACIN 200MG100ML, which is helpful in treating certain types of bacterial infections such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, skin and skin structure infections, and others.

Our Quality Packaging of Infusion Range

Indeed, packaging plays an important after the formulation of quality medicines range. The primary objective of providing such good packaging assurance is to ensure patient safety, the efficacy of the medicines through the intended shelf life and uniformity of the drug through different production tools. Our workers ensure the quality documentation of all materials, chemical extracts, and processes. Our primary concern is to keep control of possible migration of packaging components into our formulated medicines, control of degradation of the drug by oxygen, moisture, heat, etc

We Match the International Quality Standard

Delivering quality medicines is our primary concern. We manufacturers our medicines to balance the demands of customers and with the great effort to produce the safest medical devices. At our quality department, our executive takes quality initiatives and use proven quality-control methodologies to ensure compliance with quality guidelines, to improve patient safety and also to earn company recognition.

The tasks of formulating medicines consist of a lot of responsibility. Especially, intensive care medicines should be formulated with highest cautions. Our company understands the responsibility of delivering quality medicines and follows the rich manufacturing culture.

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