Critical Care Medicine Franchise in Nagaland

Critical Care Medicine Franchise in Nagaland- When compared to other northeast states, the healthcare facility is not up to the mark in Nagaland. Low quality of healthcare facilities, cheap quality medicines makes Nagaland poorest state in India. For delivering quality medicines in Nagaland, Kritikos care offering franchise business deals. Most of the time, the health treatment or surgeries does not go well, the reason behind is lack of quality critical care medicines.  These medicines patient consume while taking treatment of life-threatening diseases. To delivering quality medicines, opening Critical care medicine franchise in Nagaland is a great way.

Nowadays, medicines considered a basic need for everyone. From young to old everyone need medicines for better health. Critical care medicines, requires in very serious conditions when the life of the patient is on the endpoint. Such quality drugs are a life savior. These medicines are a bit expensive, and doctors also prescribe when without it survival is impossible. But in Nagaland people, the health situation is not as good as it required. So Kritikos Care helping the people by
Critical care medicine franchise in Nagaland.

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Scope of Critical care medicine franchise in Nagaland

In Nagaland, there are many pharma companies which offer their medicines in the market and earning well but do you know at what cost? Well sorry to say, but at the cost of people’s health. They totally neglect the fact, that they are working for mankind not only for earning high profit. This is the dark side of Pharma business in Nagaland. The situation is traumatic here. So it is very important that one should take the responsibility to deliver quality medicines in the market.

Opening the Critical care medicine franchise in Nagaland is not a big task, but delivery satisfied quality is important. So its better to do a collaboration with the leading and reputed pharma franchise company.

Demand for Critical Care medicines in Nagaland

In Nagaland, health conditions are not up to the mark. Availability of Low-quality medicines, poor health facilities, and No proper medicine distribution channel, clearly indicates the rising demand for medicines in the market. Almost 15% of people died because of lack of quality critical care medicines.

If the medication is not good then the doctors even can’t save the patient. Moreover, rising patients number shows a hike in medicine demand. To meet the requirements, Critical care medicine franchise in Nagaland is a suitable business. It makes both health and income strong.  For any good nation health and economic condition matters a lot.

Kritikos Care – Uplifting the quality of medical care

Kritikos care is an ISO certified company. The company is specialized in Critical Care medicines. Our company manufactures a wide medicine range. All medicines manufacture under GMP&WHO certified units. Quality ingredients and the perfect combination of molecules is the USP of our medicines formulations. Our offered formulations are – ampule, injections, capsules, and infusion. Our medicines are highly effective and DCGI approved. All medicines production is run under expert supervision. Moreover, We also operate quality check department, where medicines are tested.

All are very sensitive medicines so our quality check team is very determined and very conscious for medicine quality. If they found something wrong in the medicines, then the whole slot will not go to the further process. Our non-negotiable on quality attitude is makes us differ from the other pharma companies in the market.

For distributing medicines in the market, we offer monopoly rights based Pharma franchise Business opportunities. Now we are targeting Nagaland for Critical care medicine franchise. Our aim is to improve health conditions and making the state Healthy.

Target locations in Nagaland for Critical care Franchise

We want the whole state to get quality critical care medicine. So we are offering our franchise at various districts and cities. Our objective is to improve the health of the localized people and delivering them affordable medicines So that no one left without quality medicines. Here are our target areas in Nagaland for Critical Care medicine distributorship-

  • Dimapur
  • Kiphire
  • Kohima
  • Longleng
  • Mokochung
  • Mon
  • Peren
  • Phek
  • Tuensang
  • Noklak
  • Wokha
  • Zunheboto

Our business commitments are genuine and helpful for setting up an independent business in the pharmaceutical sector. We make sure that our business partners do well in the market and get fair chances for earning and showcasing business skills in the competitive market.

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