Critical Care Franchise Company in Chandigarh

Critical Care Franchise Company in Chandigarh- Kritikos Care is a pharmaceutical company based in Chandigarh that specializes in high – quality pharmaceutical products for critical care to add value to your life and improve your overall health by providing you with unique, safe and effective medicines for critical care at affordable prices. Being one of the foremost Critical Care Franchise Company in Chandigarh, we provide unmet patient needs medications derived from the many years of using our unique qualities, experience, and knowledge to help improve the lives of people.

We personally believe in a personalized medicine approach where patients seem to have access to the best possible treatments and the ability to maintain their own treatment. Our objective is to improve the effectiveness of existing medical life-threatening for some life-threatening conditions. We the reputed Critical Care Franchise Company in Chandigarh plan to achieve this by developing and marketing new forms, solubility and delivery methods for medicinal products. These changes can potentially improve the safety profile, bioavailability, efficacy and safety and effectiveness of existing medicines, resulting in better complying with patients and better patient satisfaction.

Critical Care Franchise Company in Chandigarh

Being the leading pharma PCD company for critical care medicine in Chandigarh, we understand the importance of intensive care medicine. Therefore our motive is to deliver these DCGI approved medications in every region of India. So for that, we have introduced the PCD Pharma Franchise for Critical Care medicine range in India along with many benefits and rewards. So to be the part of one of the topmost critical care companies you can contact us at +91-9592028887, 9815981073 or even drop us your queries email at

 Lack of Critical Care Medicine from Last 3 Decades

According to a health ministry report, the proportion of hospital beds to population all across the country has exceeded its lowest level in three decades. In 2017, the number of hospital wards per thousand was 1.796, particularly compared to 1.913 in 2010, 2.224 in 2000 and 2.68 also in 1988.

The report states that the country’s population grew by 1.1 million there between 2010 and 2017, while the number of beds in the urban hospitals increased but only by 358. The data shows that beds occupied an overall average of 93 percent in 2017, compared to 96 percent in 2012. Occupancy was well above 95 percent in some departments, including geriatrics, neurology, skin as well as venereal diseases.

The requirement of Critical Care Franchise Company

Today’s stress is common in modern life. There is no exception to medicine. There are many more stressful specialties in critical care medicine such as emergency medicine, anesthesia, critical care, gynecology, pediatrics, and trauma.

Four out of 10 Indian medical professionals suffer badly from mild to moderate anxiety levels due to a lack of hospital specialists. As per a study, it is proved that 21% of physicians use alcohol, percent use liquor or antidepressants and 14% smoke to deal with stress.

Data were collected from 700 critical care specialists, but for relative and correlation analysis, only 242 answers-205 males and 37 females were used. The majority of respondents 33% were from the anesthesia specialty, accompanied by intensivists (32%), internal medicine (19%), cardiologists (7%), pediatricians (3%), among others.

Opportunity in Chandigarh for Critical Care Pharma Franchise

Kritikos Care is amongst the top Intensive care companies in Chandigarh, India for Critical care medicine formulation. Our firm welcomes all distributors, suppliers, stock, marketing representatives, etc. to join our pharmaceutical franchise for critical care medicines. We are offering critical care medicine business for all the states in India like Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala etc. Here are the benefits of being our pharma franchise partner:

  • Affordable prices. Critical Care PCD Franchise Company in Chandigarh
  • Transparent working.
  • Monopoly rights offered.
  • Quick Delivery of products.
  • Genuine investment planning.
  • Promotional inputs are provided.

Gems for Being at Top Critical Care Pharma Franchise in India

Kritikos Care, our company is one of the best critical care franchise company in Chandigarh, India that brings you a vast range of critical care medicines. We have formulated hundreds of flawless quality for critical care injectables, tablets, capsules, ointments, gels etc. We have professionals throughout the country who have greatly helped us to develop and adopt better production standards. Once you become a member of our own company, you’ll have great benefits. Here are the golden points of our critical care franchise company in Chandigarh:

  • We are approved by GMP-WHO.
  • Several distributors were assigned to provide you with better and faster services.
  • Throughout the procedures, we have used the best quality control techniques and standards.
  • At most genuine deals, our company offers DCGI authorized critical care products and services in India.
  • We have partnerships and consolidation with many medical professionals that help us grow and develop.

No Comprise with Critical Care Medicine Quality Level

The formulations for critical care medicine is done with 100% pure ingredients and extracts which can be availed from our Chandigarh PCD franchise company at genuine rates. Each dosage form offers balance composition and pediatric ranges have been taken special care keeping in mind the gentility of patients. The experts have made the formulations and medication very sophisticated, durable and effective with least side effects and most efficacy rate.

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